Company Introduction


Day by day, for forty years now, the company serves one purpose: offering emotions, arising sensations.
And underwear is more than basic function.
It is nothing but emotion, sensation, dream. It underscores the feeling for warmth and security, all the way in life.. day by day.

Selina experience dates back to 1970.
Since then, it has been working to make men and women smarter, adding elegance, comfort and safety through quality products. Love and bent for details: not only finishes of the capsule collections but mainly functional features such as fit and comfort.
And underwear comes fully loaded, either it perfectly fits or it is not used. We know as we tried it that an additional sewing makes the difference, that a quality lace or embroidery stands out, and anybody differently wears underwear. Our collection, our fashion capsule or year-round collections try to comply in time with such requirements.

Through our Vajolet and Axiom brands we comply with retail and wholesale requirements, where our creative quality and products stand out.
That is the final step forward of a total and rigorous control of our integrated production chain: from creation to draft, from fabric search to final yarns, from colour to cutting up to the most delicate tailoring of a garment by our company’s factories.
The two fashion collections with the two year-round collections, constantly reviewed, changed and updated, consists of 2 million garments which every year witness Selina experience in the fascinating Italian underwear.


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