Company Introduction


Selina has been creating high quality underwear products here in Italy since 1970, representing years of experience, tradition and quality.
Our company believes in quality, comfort, durability and in working directly with certified suppliers to create sustainable partnership. At Selina we specialise in everyday undergarments, that are comfortable and enduring.
We pay great attention to details and the choice of the best yarns allows us to produce beautiful products that are also pleasant to wear. To guarantee continuous quality we closely monitor every stage of the processing, from the choice of the raw materials to the manufacturing of the garments.

Our brands Vajolet for women and Axiom for men respond to demands of the Italian and international retail and wholesale markets, where we are known for our creativity and product quality. Our collections are constantly revised and updated to reflect the choice of the materials and ever-evolving fashion.

Our motto...
"We believe that everyone should feel Selina on their skin"


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